Wiggle That Ass Sissy

May 10, 2011 · 1 comment

Dress up and dance off it was Sissy Saturday on Niteflirt this past weekend with that awesome 24 hours of the Lady GaGa concert on HBO. I had my little sissy stable of Queenie bitches prancing around in ruffle butt bottoms and frilly socks to Poker Face all day. Sissy sissy coco puffs Cococal1 got all prettied up for me while his roommates were in the other room. I was laughing so hard as he had his legs up in the air like a girl and one of his sissy nut’s was coming out the side of the panties. He was begging me to be my bitch and all he wanted to do was rub his clitty He was so excited he couldn’t wait to get his web cam on and get on his hands and knees like a sissy bitch and wiggle his ass at the camera. Does that make you feel extra dirty and pathetic knowing there are other people in the next room loser? What a dirty little sissy bitch! I really need to feed him a nice big cock for lunch.
**** EDITED A blog removal fee of $300 was paid to remove the 3 photos*****

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subbmisivemike May 12, 2011 at 11:36 am

Wow, had to pay hundreds for you to remove pics he let you take. That is so sexy and humiliating at the same time. You are so good at what you do

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