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February 18, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, my Valentines was really awesome. My boyfriend bought me some really hot lingerie from Victoria Secret and took me to a really romantic dinner and then surprised me with a suite at Shutters in Santa Monica overlooking the beach. I ended up getting pretty tipsy so I was really wild that night and being the biggest Valentines slut for my boyfriend. He insisted on fucking me with the lingerie on so now of course its got tons of cum all over it. *grin* Which one of you little cuckold sluts wants to clean my lingerie? While I was out on my amazing romantic Valentines the gifts were coming in. Sorry ass losers all alone on Valentines wishing they were with me the hottest bratty girlfriend. My clip asking what you were gonna get me piled in the gifts!
I got a few thousand in Amazon gift certificates as I did a swift financial domination pay princess whirl. Woodywooder2121 wanted to sniff my ass flower with some deep pay to view photo sets, I charged him $200 , $100 for each cheek. I also received from various admirers flowers, Victoria Secret gifts.
The lucky obedient losers who spoiled me got very special surprises. The each got a 5 min web cam session where I just sat there and ignored them while I talked on the phone to my girlfriend.
Small dick losers put your baby dick back in your pants I can see you getting a hard on from here.


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