Workout Fetish Ass Smother Worship

March 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Happy Friday worship piggies, My East coast sissy slut has been loading me up with lingerie so I can tempt you cock stroking slaves more with my perfect body. More hotness to hypnotize you losers into falling deeper into money pit getting all the things that I want. Some of my Niteflirt phone sex slaves call me while i’m at the gym to listen to me pant and breath nice and heavy as I ignore them while I shake my ass all over the stair master. Sometimes they get lucky when they call me and I’m in the middle of talking to my girlfriends gossiping about guys and talking about getting fucked really good. You idiots get so hard when I ignore you, of course my gym friends all know about you listening too. Yeah, they all laugh too and think its super pathetic.
I’m always at the gym keeping My sexy long legs nice and toned up for you body worship bitch’s to wrap your cash around. Since I can’t exactly take my camera to the gym and make a clip I thought I would just make something here for you to Jenny jerk off too.

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